Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Name Game

How it works: Person A posts one and only one name that they've come up with and are unsure about bestowing upon , along with a three-word description of the character, or if he/she doesn't yet have a character to fit the name, at least the gender they're considering.

Example -- Haakon of Tarrendon: lovesick, rebellious hero OR Haakon (male)

Person B then gives the name a score (x/5, with 1 being "terrible" and 5 "fantastic") and supports his/her judgment with maybe one sentence.

Example -- Score: 3. "Haakon" is too confusing to spell and pronounce easily, but I like the place-name, "Tarrendon". OR Score: 5. The "k" denotes strength and "-on" is a good masculine ending.

Person B then posts his/her own name and Person C responds, and so on.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nancy's Baby Names. Another weblog on names! She's far more organized (not to mention less sporadic) than I am--but I'm all about serendipity, not order. Instead of posting links to other sites that have lists of names, Nancy has posts dedicated to individual names with neat little tidbits about each. I was mostly amused with the Top Six Tea Names.

Name Randomizers. Which is over at National Novel Finishing Month. It's census data set in an excel spreadsheet.

Surname Directory. Lots and lots of last names.

Origins and Meanings of Names From Around the World. Don't forget to check out those special categories that include butterfly names, moon names, and even villain names.

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